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Meditation will help you in becoming peaceful, more focused, more appreciative and attentive to everything in your life. It helps you better understand yourself.

It can be a huge task in the beginning. All you have to do is to start with little steps.

Start by just sitting for two minutes,

this might seem ridiculously easy, to just start meditating for two minutes.
Start with just two minutes a day for a week, and build towards it. Increase another two minutes and do that for the next week. Increasing by just a little at a time, by the second month you’ll be meditating 10 minutes a day. Start small and build towards it, that way you won’t find it to be a burden or a hassle to free up just a couple of minutes a day.

It’s easy to just say you’ll meditate everyday, and soon after forget about it. Set a time for it, the best would be every morning. Hook it into a daily routine. For example before breakfast or before tea time or even set an alarm for it.

Don’t get too caught up on how to do it.

Just do it. Don’t worry about where to sit, or what posture you should take. The most important is to just get started. You could start on a chair, or even you couch, or even on your bed. Do it, and worry about slowly optimizing it so you will be comfortable for longer. In the beginning just find somewhere quiet and comfortable

The simplest way to begin is by counting your breaths. Focus you attention on your breathing as it comes in, and follow it through your nose to the back of you throat and downwards towards your lungs. Count “one” as you breath in, then “two” as you breath out. Repeat this in small numbers preferably 4, 6, 8 or 10 so you’ll be able to keep your attention. Repeat it, then start again at “one”.

An alternative is to count beads. Especially with a yoga bracelet.

Do not worry if your mind starts to drift. It’s normal if your mind starts drifting. Gently just bring yourself back and start counting over from “one” again. You might feel frustrated, but it is perfectly fine. This is all natural, and this is what you are practicing for.

Understand acceptance. You might start noticing thoughts or feelings arising when you meditate. Learn to accept them. They are a part of you. Open up yourself and accept them.

Do not worry too much if you are doing it wrong. There is no wrong, there is no perfect way of doing it. Be happy that you are doing it.

Do not worry if you are unable to clear the mind.

Most people misunderstood that meditation is about clearing the mind or having no thoughts. This will sometimes happen, but meditation is about practicing on focusing your attention. Think of it as a muscle you are require to flex relax.
You can’t just shut down your mind. If your mind tend to wander too much, just follow as it wanders. Don’t get frustrated or angry. Just understand the feeling and calmly bring the mind back to focus.

As this process goes on, slowly you’ll be to understand how your mind works. As you understand how your mind works, you begin to understand yourself. As you slowly see your self, learn to accept. Bring the positivity in. Become friends with yourself.

As your meditation gets better and you are able to start following your breath better.
Start by moving the focus on one body part at a time. Discover these feelings, slowly moving them from your fingers to wrist and elbow and to your shoulder to the top of your head.

Feel a sense of “flow” within you and try moving it around within yourself. Move it around with your sense of focus. Start with the easy parts, limbs that are frequently used, you’ll be able to sense better in those areas such as fingers and hands. And slowly move the focus towards areas that are rarely limber. You’ll be surprised that you are slowly beginning to understand and discover your body.

If by any chance you have to break routine, remember meditation can be done anywhere, you can do it anywhere. Even if you’re traveling you could meditate during your commute. In your workplace or the park.

Always be appreciative when you’re done. Be grateful you had the time to do this and you stick to your commitment.

Remember you took the time to get to know yourself.